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Matti Tukiainen
Tehtaantie 14
FI-33430 Vuorentausta
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Web projects


  • RatesFX - Daily foreign exchange rates, charts, volatilities, and predictions for many currencies. Online since 1995.


  • Gaisma - Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times around the World.


  • MobileCEDICT - Searchable Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary for WAP enabled mobile phones and other devices capable of handling WML pages.
  • Practical Chinese Reader Vocabulary lists - All the words used by Gubo, Palanka and their friends in this popular text book. Word lists are sorted by lesson, pinyin and English.
  • Duck Deluxe - An experimental searchable thesaurus-like dictionary automatically generated from foreign language - English language dictionary data. Supports partial word search with wildcards. Maybe suitable tool for solving crosswords.


  • Relax - Free, highly configurable web server log file analysis program for referrers. This program recognizes hundreds of search engines and organizes popular keywords and URLs used to get to the web site.
  • LogPrism - Apache access log colorizer. Written in Perl.
  • Lrdns - Log Reverse Domain Name System converts numeric IP addresses in access log files into textual domain names. Written in Perl.
  • Blue dot - Free Perl CGI script that generates Apache combined style access log files for resources on hosts where the log files are not available.
  • Ffcat - Fast Forward Cat prints only the new lines. Written in Perl.
  • Contype - A Perl CGI script that sends the requested file using user supplied MIME content type to the browser.
  • Random email address generator - For those who like to collect email addresses. Delivery not guaranteed!
  • TTulos - A Perl script to maintain exam results in HTML format.



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