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Contype is a free Perl CGI script that sends the requested file using the user supplied MIME content type to the browser. This script also makes it possible to create links to download site's local resources outside of your normal html directory (like /work). It is also possible to accept requests just from user defined hosts.

Please note that this Contype script is not the user agent identifying itself as "contype" in raw log files and reports created by many log analysis tools. Contype script is not an user agent. It cannot be used to fetch data from other sites.

System requirements

Sample usage

A word of warning! Microsoft Internet Explorer has been famous for trying to be clever, and overriding the supposedly authoritative content type information in the HTTP header (supplied by Contype and many other programs). MIME Type Detection in Internet Explorer document explains in length why Contype doesn't always work as expected with IE. Needless to say that Microsoft breaks the standards again.


Mailing list

The Contype announcement list is for announcements regarding new versions, bugs, etc. You are expected to receive just a few messages per year from this list. To subscribe, send a blank email message to <contype_announce-subscribe@yahoogroups.com>.


Matti Tukiainen, ktmatu@nic.fi

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