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MobileCEDICT Chinese-English Dictionary

MobileCEDICT [Links to WAP page] is a searchable Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary for WAP enabled mobile phones and other devices capable of handling WML pages. It has been designed for those who want to use a dictionary no matter where they happen to be.

MobileCEDICT screenshot
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There are two search modes. In simple search [Links to WAP page] (shorter URL: http://ktmatu.com/go/?mc, Bango number: 10028172) a word can be typed in English or in Chinese (using pinyin). In the expert search [Links to WAP page] mode the language must be specified and the match criterias are more specific.

Pinyin tones should be indicated by placing numbers 1-5 to the end of each syllable (1=level tone, 2=rising tone, 3=mid-rising tone, 4=falling tone, 5=neutral tone). MobileCEDICT matches all tones, if the numbers are omitted. Syllables can be separated by spaces, but they are not necessary, i.e. both "ni3hao3" and "ni3 hao3" are equal.

To view MobileCEDICT with a normal desktop web browser it's possible use TagTag.com's WAP phone emulator. Opera web browser can also handle WML pages. A simple web search interface is also available. The size of all WML pages varies between 500 and 1000 bytes.

MobileCEDICT is based on CEDICT dictionary data.

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