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LogPrism turns Apache access log files into easy to read color highlighted format where user sessions, error status codes, external referrers and traffic from search engine spiders can be easily distinguished. To make log files more informative LogPrism can be configured to ignore log entries, resolve numeric IP addresses into symbolic host names and show the register (RIPE, ARIN, etc.) of unresolvable IP addresses.

LogPrism supports console type ANSI colors and output to HTML files. Console usage requires terminal emulator (e.g. PuTTY on Windows) or some other program that understands ANSI colors. HTML files can be viewed with web browsers.

Written in Perl, licensed under GPL.

Log with LogPrism (larger screenshots, 1, 2, HTML)

Log file after LogPrism

Log without LogPrism

Log file before LogPrism

System requirements

Sample usage

Process access_log and view the results with less. IP addresses will be resolved, user sessions and local URLs are highlighted:
$ ./logprism.pl access_log -dns -sessions -local-url '^http://www.example.com/' | less -R
The same as above, but the results will be written to access_log.ans. Please note that -dns slows down the speed considerably.
$ ./logprism.pl access_log -dns -sessions -local-url '^http://www.example.com/' -output-file access_log.ans
Real time view of access_log file. Requests made to files ending .ico, .gif and .png are not shown. Adds registry (ARIN, RIPE, APNIC or LACNIC) at the end of unresovable IPs.
$ tail -f access_log | ./logprism.pl -dns -sessions -local-url '^http://www.example.com/' -exclude '\.(?:ico|gif|png)$' -registry
Plain text log file access_log is converted into color highlighted HTML file. The resulting file log-logprism.html can be opened with any web browser.
$ ./logprism.pl access_log -sessions -registry -html -dns -exclude '\.(?:ico|gif|png)$' -local-url '^http://www.example.com/' -output-file log-logprism.html



Matti Tukiainen, ktmatu@nic.fi

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