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How to view and browse Chinese web pages on Microsoft Windows

In many cases all it needs to view Chinese web pages correctly without any extra programs is a font with Chinese characters and some simple configurations to web browsers:

  1. Download Bitstream Cyberbit TrueType Unicode font, Cyberbit.ZIP (6.1MB) (or some other Chinese font)
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to a directory of your choice
  3. Install the unzipped font file cyberbit.ttf:

    Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Fonts
    File -> Install New Font... ->
    [Select the folder where cyberbit.ttf was unzipped] -> [Select Bitstream Cyberbit (TrueType) from a List of Fonts] -> OK

  4. Make the font settings in your web browser(s):

  5. Test it!

Users of older Windows systems (95 and 98) are also advised to update their core fonts if there are troubles with certain Pinyin characters.

It is probably necessary to make Chinese characters to appear slightly bigger than latin characters. This can be done permanently, defining a bigger font size in the font configuration explained above, or temporarily using browser's features. In Netscape the font size can be temporarily increased using View -> Increase Font, and in Mozilla with View -> Text Size ->.

To make it easier to choose the most appealing font, there is a small review of GB fonts mentioned above in HTML and PDF format.

There is also a separate document dealing with some issues related to publishing web pages in Chinese.

If some characters are missing from the printed output, please take a look at Printing Chinese web pages document.

I need your feedback to keep this page up-to-date. Please send me email if you find inaccuracies or outdated information from this page.

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