Call methods

There are many ways to call Blue dot from your web pages. All methods, except the Click Log, are meant for measuring page usage. Click Log is for logging link and input button usage. This method can even log links pointing to external sites.

Virtues of different methods are briefly reviewed on the install page.

Script URL

This is the address of the CGI script. Usually this URL points into your own web site, but it's possible to have the script on a completely different site.

Log name

This is the name of the file where the log entries are written. Remember to create this (empty) file into the directory you defined in the file ($LOG_DIR) and change its permissions so that the script can write into it.

It's possible to have an unlimited number of log files. Standard page usage logging can be stored, for example, into accesslog whereas Click Log could be written into clicklog.

Document URL

Usage of the web page defined here is logged.

If you are using Click Log, the URL refers to the page where the link is pointing. The host part of external links logged by Click Log is truncated. If this bothers you, it is possible to add a pseudo host like in front of your logged URLs (

Image URL

A picture found from this address can be shown instead of the default blue dot.

This is a hidden message.