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Software Installation and Configuration Service

I can install and/or configure any of my scripts for you. The rate is very reasonable, EUR 49 (VAT 0%), per script and the results are guaranteed. You don't pay if I can't install and/or configure the script for you! Most scripts can be installed and tested within 1-2 business days. I can install CGI scripts on Unix type servers (Solaris, Linux, BSD, ...) and create configuration files for scripts running on any platform.

Please send email to ktmatu@nic.fi to receive the timetable, payment and other instructions first.

Be prepared to provide me with a temporary FTP or SCP or SSH (preferred) access to your web site if you are interested in CGI installations.

At the moment I can only accept payments via bank transfer made in Euro currency. Please contact me if this option is completely unsuitable for you. My reply to your email includes full IBAN and SWIFT (BIC) information. You will be billed after the successful script installation.

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